Istanbul Airport to City Centre

Istanbul Airport to City Centre

If you’re looking for where to spend your next holidays, you may put Istanbul on top of the list of destinations. Besides the clubs and bars, therapeutic baths, attractions, gigantic malls and picturesque views, Istanbul is a unique destination to visit.

Istanbul has a history that stretches far back in time, and you can see facts of the told stories just by taking a tour around the city. You will find relics, museums, ancient architecture, and museums just to mention a few.

However, a neighborhood like Levent can also be a tourist delight for modern-day holiday seekers given its predominantly urban setting. A municipality of Beşiktaş which is situated to the north of the Golden Horn, the city centre is a one of the chief business districts of Istanbul, Turkey, which is on the European side of the city, at the western shore of the Bosphorus strait.

If Levent is your destination and you are traveling by air, it is very advisable to book with a transportation company that offers airport transfers. Istanbul Airport and Levent are both located on the European side of the city, and the distance between the two locations is approximately 15 km.

Why Should I Visit the City Centre?

Once considered as an area on the outskirts of Istanbul, the city centre is currently one of the most effervescent parts of the city. A home to big shopping malls, movie theaters, cafes, and some of the tallest buildings in the city. Here, you will experience an eclectic setting that blends history and state-of-the-art architecture. There are more than enough places to be and attractions to see.

Istanbul Sapphire

A high-tech structure with 54 above-the-ground floors, 10 underground floors, 47 residential use floors, an extensive car park, and a monumental shopping mall, Istanbul Sapphire was once the tallest building in the city and Turkey, and the 4th tallest building in Europe. Explore the opulence of its special floors which have private gardens between every 3 floors, and are separated from each other every 9 floors by a shared living area. It is indeed a shopping and luxury residence.

Kanyon Shopping Center

Very close to the Levent metro station is the Kanyon Shopping Center. You will notice its unique ambiance immediately you step into the place. The Kanyon Mall has 160 stores consisting of boutiques, cinemas, restaurants, and cafes. The mall is a beautiful and nice place to relax and spend time. Here you will experience the comfort of shopping while basking in the vivacity of city shopping streets. The mall has 4 different pavilions, each powered separately. Its stores and boutiques sell fashion items from all the high-end designer brands you can possibly imagine.

When Should I Visit the City Centre?

Summers in Istanbul are hot and dry, reaching its peak by early June with the highest temperature recorded at 41 °C. Winters in Istanbul is characterized by clear skies and extreme cold and are somewhat cloudy. Through the year, temperature normally varies from 18°F to 88°F and is rarely below 6°F or above 94°F.

The hot season spans from the second week in June to the end of September (June 11 – September 18), while the cold season starts from the end of November to the beginning of March (November 24 – March 9). Precipitation (rain alone) is common from February 18 to December 27 while it usually snows from December 27 to February 18.

Transportation Options

With our Mercedes Benz V-Class and Sprinter shuttle options, we ensure that transportation from IST to the city centre will be the least of your worries. Our fleet offers the

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  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter can transport up to 14 passengers and has a capacity for 15 bags. This is an option with more space for a larger group of commuters both in the airport and city, and prices start from 60 Euros.

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Why should I Choose fat taxi?

There are several transportation providers to and from the airport, so now you can ask the ultimate question: why choose fat taxi?

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