Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Kadiköy

Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Kadiköy

A relaxed neighborhood resting on the Asian shore of Istanbul, Kadiköy is celebrated for its bustling aquatic life, graffiti adorned boulevards, and Anatolian eateries. With its stunning sea views, numerous bars, cinemas and bookshops, Kadiköy remains the major cultural center of the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

In recent years, the city had witnessed a lot of migration from the European side of Istanbul, with an ever-increasing number of locals settling down in the laid-back suburbs of Kadiköy and Moda (its annex). A home to İstanbul’s best produce market, nice eateries, lively cafes and bubbly bars, Kadiköy is a destination of interest to both international and local visitors.

The district has a good network of roads butKadiköy from the Sabiha Gokcen Airport is 30 km apart. For a visitor going to Kadiköy from the airport, there are several alternatives for transportation, depending on your budget and other factors, which may include time and number of people.

No matter what your options are, what is more important is to be able to travel conveniently, without delays, and also get to your reserved hotel or destination in the shortest possible time. With our fleet of cars and the value-added services, fat taxi offers the best transfer package from the Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Kadiköy.

Where to Visit in Kadiköy

Kadiköy is an ideal destination for visiting tourists and local pleasure seekers alike. Take a tour around town, go to the cinemas, and have a taste of local cuisines or kebabs. Stop by one of the many crowded grungy bars for a beer or wine, and have your fortune told in the Kadiköy Market Place. Whichever way you spend your days here, you’re bound to have a great holiday experience.

Süreyya Opera House

Also called Süreyya Cultural Center, Süreyya Opera House is an opera hall is designed by Armenian architect KegamKavafyan. It was utilized more as a movie theatre until the end of the 2007 when it underwent a functional restoration, and restored as an opera house. Take time to look at the itinerary and choose from the wide array of movies to watch. The hall has great ambience, and it is quite ideal for a family visits.

Kadiköy Market District

Just a brief walk from the Kadiköy ferry docks is an impressive landscape of colorful restaurants and shops of the Kadiköy market district. The restaurants here are great to have lunch, dinner, and drinks, especially alcoholic beverages. The market appeals to green food lovers (vegetarians) with its offering of seafood, healthy fruits, and the vegetables displayed on the sidewalk tables in Istanbul’s beautiful weather.


CiyaSofrasi is an eatery that serves ready-made food andalso offer dishes from regional Turkey. It is a perfect place to sample treats such as the Arabic-style pizza, fried meatballs rolled in bulgar, andchicken pastries. CiyaSofrasi does not serve alcohol but you will get sweet, fruit drinks as accompaniment with your meals.


When Should I Visit Kadiköy?

Like the rest of Istanbul, the district of Kadiköy enjoys fair weather all year round. However, July, August, and then November promises the lowest chance of significant precipitation (lesser than .1 inches) but you can likely to experience rain or snow if you find yourself in Kadiköy around the second week of January until the last week of February.

According to local weather/climate reports, snowfall is likely to be heaviest around December. If you’re a glacier sport enthusiast, around the second week of February when fresh powder is deepest is the best time to ski.

Transportation Options

With our Mercedes Benz V-Class and Sprinter shuttle options, we ensure that airport transfers from Sabiha Airport to Kadıköy will be the least of your worries. Our fleet offers the

  • Mercedes Benz Vito has a capacity for 6 to 8 commuters and up to 10 bags. it is comfortable and spacious and offer fares from 45 Euros.

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  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter can transport up to 14 passengers and has a capacity for 15 bags. This is an option with more space for a larger group of commuters both in the airport and city, and prices start from 60 Euros.

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Why should I Choose fat taxi?

There are several transportation providers to and from the airport, so now you can ask the ultimate question: why choose fat taxi?

  • We offer the lowest rates for commuting passengers to all destinations in Istanbul. fat taxi charges per ride and not per head, as in the case of other airport shuttle providers. Toll fees are also included in the fare, and you will NEVER be charged credit card fees! And you get up to 10% discount on return trips.
  • Fast and secure online booking allows you to book appointments from any web enabled device without hassles. Using our “Book and Go” tool, you can make your reservation within a couple of minutes!
  • 24 hour service via various channels is part of what we offer. Our staff possess long experience in private transportation and they will give satisfactory answers to all your questions. We have car reservation lines for English, Turkish, and Arabic speaking passengers.
  • Free value added services such as Wi-Fi, baby booster seats, and bottled water for all passengers are some of the perks you get while riding with fat taxi.

With fat taxi at your “beck and call” there is no better Istanbul airport shuttle service. We keep to our promise to consistently deliver the best transportation services to tourists and locals alike. Do visit our website and make your reservation today. It always pays to ride with us!


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