Visiting Istanbul


Istanbul is a great place to visit. It has always something to offer and surprise you. The geographical location, historical background, a mixture of modern and ancient architecture, food and a lot more. There is always something to make you fall in love with this city. We decided to give you some ideas to make your visit to Istanbul easier. Below you can see some places to visit and things to do while in Istanbul. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or any assistance you need.


Old City is the historical peninsula where you can find Topkapı Palace Hagia Sofia, Basillica Cistern and other historical attractions. The area is called Sultanahmet. There are public and private tours to old city. You can always catch a tram and reach the heart of Sultanahmet.


The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and biggest markets in the world. It’s been there for more than 500 years. With more than 5000 shops, It is almost impossible to come out without shopping. Get yourself ready for a hard and enjoyable bargaining. The first rule in The Grand Bazaar is that never buy without bargaining.


Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the beautiful masterpieces that was left from The Ottoman Empire. It was being used by the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In fact, this is the place where he spent his last moments. The clocks in the palace show 09:05 which was the time Kemal Atatürk died November 10, 1938


This part of Istanbul is the main area where you’ll find lots of cafe, bar, and restaurants by the sea from top class to economic. You can also find small shops and get some souvenir for you or your friends and family back home.


Taksim is the main square at the city center. It is quite famous, lively and full of people at almost any time of the day. There are so many small and big, different types of restaurants, cafes bars, and shops. The most famous street in Taksim is also well known all around the country is Istiklal street.


This is a real must if you are visiting Istanbul. A dinner in the middle of the two continents -Europe and Asia- is absolutely special. Remember that this is the point where the two continents are nearest to each other. You will be hypnotized by the beauty of Bosphorus. you can contact our team for reservations and more information.


Whirling Dervish is an ancient mystical tradition that comes from the Anatolian city Konya, It is spiritual a unique ceremony which can be classified as a local experience and can only be found in Istanbul.


When in Turkey, do as the Turks do. Visit a Turkish Hammam and try the Turkish Scrab Treatment for sure. It will be a unique and relaxing thing to do.


Istanbul has a very interesting night life full of fun and various choices. You can find top class huge night clubs as well as cozy cheaper and smaller places to go.


150 Km away from Istanbul, a lovely city. Bursa is famous for several unique features in it. Very famous and delicious Iskender kebap is made best in Bursa. The city is known as green Bursa. It became very popular, especially since the last 5-7 years. There are public and private tours to Bursa. You can contact us for detailed information and reservations.


Sapanca is another natural beauty near Istanbul. It is 130 km away and very famous for its green environment and lovely breakfast restaurants. Sapanca is a great choice for a day away from the city. Our team would be more than happy to assist you for your requests to visit Sapanca either on a public tour or with a private car.


Istanbul is a great place to find a mixture of Turkish and Ottoman cuisine as well as tasty worldwide famous kitchens. The question is what you want to eat and where to find it. Our team will be ready to recommend you the best places and we will be at your service for your questions and reservation requests.

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